Thursday, April 28, 2011

When Bad Clothes Happen to Good People...

No more wardrobe intervention!

So, one drawback to an being empty nester is losing all my wardrobe consultants. Now I venture out in public without anyone scrutinizing my outfits. This may sound good, but with no one to critique, scowl, laugh, or question my attire I’m sure my fashion faux pas are legion.

Just last week while traveling Andie rescued me when I had on a blouse she approved of but I had not tucked it in. And, apparently, by tucking in the blouse, it gained outfit approval. Untucked and the outfit was a flop. Go figure!?

For at least the past decade I’ve had personal fashion police. Now without my astute and fashion savvy children around to judge, I’ve probably been sighted in public in ridiculous (and what Andie likes to call) “get-ups.”

Fashion is basically too trendy for me to keep up with. For instance, only a few years ago tucking shirts in was a big blunder and no one sent me the memo that now it’s back in vogue. I would like to catch on to a few of the rules so I can leave the house with a little more confidence that my slides are okay with socks (or not - according to my kids), etc.

In the meantime, my kids will just have to wonder (and worry) about the “get-up” I’m planning to wear today!