Sunday, April 17, 2011

Marathon Mania....

“Runners participate in the Boston Marathon for various reasons other than to win a prize or set a personal record. Most run Boston because it is Boston - the most famous marathon race in the world. Even qualifying for Boston is an achievement, a mark of honor." -Boston, Hal Higdon

Brent’s iphone picture quality is lacking but you get the idea. We’ve got three nervous but excited girls with bib numbers in hand.

Marathon mania prevails this weekend in Boston. No other city welcomes runners like Boston. The hype is everywhere and it’s all a little nerve wracking for Paige, who, like me, isn’t big on crowds and chaos.

Even our Virgin American flight from San Francisco was filled with runners. It was the fittest looking group of travelers I’d ever seen board a plane. Water bottles were the beverage of choice, runners hydrating for race day.

Yesterday we checked out the Expo, got settled in the Marriott and enjoyed a fancy steak dinner at Morton’s. Marathon runners are a ubiquitous sight in the Back Bay at every turn. It’s all quite a rush (and I’m just a spectator). Still, even being here as moral support is a blast.