Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

“The gift of immortality to all mankind through the reality of the Resurrection is so powerful a promise that our rejoicing in these great and generous gifts should drown out any sorrow, assuage any grief, conquer any mood, dissolve any despair, and tame any tragedy.

Those who now see life as pointless will one day point with adoration to the performance of the Man of Galilee in those crowded moments of time known as Gethsemane and Calvary.

Those who presently say life is meaningless will yet applaud the Atonement which saves us from meaninglessness.

Christ’s victory over death ended the human predicament. Now there are only personal predicaments, and from these too we may be rescued by following the teachings of him who rescued us from general extinction.” -Neal A. Maxwell

I’m grateful for my belief in the resurrection of our Savior and like Elder Maxwell points out, this gift has the power to bring us peace in any circumstance. His Atonement can literally, does truly save us from our weakest self. Easter is a wonderful day to reflect on the joyful occasion of his resurrection over death and also remembrance of all that he did for us.