Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Even-Keeled Anglophile...

Paige returns from London tonight and we’re excited!

Brent got an email from one of Paige’s study abroad professors, the kind of email that parents love, love, love to receive.

It’s a little boastful to print a quote from Paige’s professor, but it does validate the endless (yes, even ad nauseam) efforts we parents make to teach and train our children to become thoughtful adults.

And, of course, it’s a shout out to Paige who never minds a blog of adoration. And, since Paige will be home in 12 hours I might as well make sure I’m on her good side! So, this is what her professor wrote:

“We’ve loved having Paige with us in London. She is such a generous and even-keeled woman, she brings a real calm and maturity to the group. She has been especially kind in reaching out to my daughter, Addy, and making her feel like one of the girls.”

I probably reminded my kids a zillion times to say “please” and “thank you.” “Be kind” “be nice” and “be good” were endlessly exhorted. Needless to say, when someone compliments your kid’s behavior, all those manners and etiquette tutorials feel worth it! Redemption!

Besides, you’ve gotta love a professor who describes Paige as even-keeled! First of all, it’s spot on! Clearly, he knows Paige well. She’s nothing if not stable and consistent!

Furthermore, it’s a word choice that people rarely use anymore and I happen to love anyone who stretches with language. Even-keel comes from a nautical term, referring to a boat’s level position so that the draught of water at the stern and the bow is the same.

So, our even-keeled daughter returns to anything but an even-keeled schedule. In one week Paige has to fly from London to San Francisco and unpack, repack and fly to Boston, run a marathon, fly home unpack and repack for Spring Term, fly to Utah, graduate from college, and move into a condo! Sounds like a frenzied week for anyone so I guess it’s a good thing Paige is even-keeled. Hopefully she can take it all in stride (especially that marathon portion!) :)