Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Post Vacation, Marathon, Graduation, Holiday...

“Happiness keeps you optimistic
Trials keep you strong
Sorrows keep you human
Failures keep you humble
Success keeps you hopeful
But only God keeps you going.” -Unknown

Girls Run Boston Marathon - Check. Paige Graduates from BYU - Check. Easter - Check. R&R - Check. In this instance R&R does not represent rest and relaxation. Rest and relaxation happens during vacations but this R&R refers to regroup and recovery. My post vacation behavior.

Yesterday it was back to Seminary and then it was a typical “post” day. Whenever I travel I always need a day on each side for “pre” trip preparations and “post” trip clean up.

Since Sunday was Easter I was tempted but refrained from tackling the long list of post trip tasks. Which left Monday with piles of laundry, cupboards without food, stacks of junk mail, the house in shambles, voicemail messages, and seemingly endless catch up.

By the end of the day things probably don’t look all that different to anyone else but for me personally the transformation is huge. I love traveling once I arrive but before I leave town I’m always anxious (befuddled by packing, nervous about logistics) and after a trip I’m out of sorts until suitcases are unloaded, the mail sorted, and the home front reclaimed.

When all my post chores are complete I feel a great sense of relief. A “the trip is behind me and all is well in the world” kind of relief. That’s the kind of R&R that leads to relief!